CMM Landscape Supply, Sitework, and Cesspool


UI/UX Design

Web Development

Digital Marketing

Video Production

Project Goals

Refresh Brand

Update 3 Websites

Reach New Customers

Support Website

Project Goals

Bill was introduced to us as a referral from another client of ours. He owns 3 businesses under the CMM brand. He wanted to refresh all three websites and find a reliable team to manage them moving forward. In addition to repositioning his brand, Bill was looking to tap into new markets and find new customers online. We now support the marketing for all three of his companies.

Video Production

We were hired to travel to New York to shoot for all (3) of Bill’s CMM companies. We spent en entire day with the Site Work team shooting content for their website and upcoming marketing campaigns. Bill and his team loved the results. Check them out!

Project Duration

24 Weeks




Services Rendered


UI/UX Design for Website Revamp


Website Development & Management


Photo and Video Production


Business Growth Consulting


Payment Processing

Payment Processing

We’ve completely eliminated CMM’s payment processing fees by enrolling him into the cash discount program. We supplied Bill and his companies with in-office terminals and mobile swipers so his staff can take payments on-the-go.

Friendly Mobile Design

Most websites today are viewed on mobile so its extremely important to focus on the mobile optimization of your website. We wanted to create something that was just as impressive as the desktop website, but extremely user friendly for all sized phones.